Sunday, 6 November 2011

Lovers... forward and never look back!

C.I.N.T.A atau L.O.V.E

perkataan ini bukan sekadar sebutan wo ai ni, aishiteru, i love you atau aku cinta padamu sahaja..

penting bagi sang pencinta or lovers to fully understand the meaning of those words. :)

Easy to say sampaikan some says "Ala, cakap jela I LOVE U. Apa susah?" No no no (geleng kepala sambil jari telunjuk diangkat ke kiri dan ke kanan) . Ungkapan cinta bukan sekadar ungkapan biasa. It should be said dengan fully heart and sincere. 

Firstly, to grow the feeling of love penting untuk kita melahirkan perasaan kasih dan sayang... mungkin bagi sesetengah orang "dia cuma sayangkan aku, tapi tidak cinta padaku". Okay! Please never give up. Bila ada sayang it isn't impossible for love to take place.

Want to know what does it mean by love???? Okay, watch this. 

Nice video kan? Just think about it readers! Once you've found one true love, never look back again. Just look forward on what you have now.  :)

Wednesday, 2 November 2011

Secret of being beautiful! Let's try with MARY KAY! :)

Hey you beautiful lady!!!!

I want to know your secret..... secret garden? NO! secret recipe? NO! secret of eden? NO!



Okay okay..

Of course all of you just like to be as beautiful as a princess right?? Or perhaps like Princess Diana, Demi Lovato or Selena Gomez ect.

Hah! Have you ever heard about Mary Kay product? Oh man! Takkan tatau kan? Mary Kay has been a trusted leader in beauty for nearly 50 years, creating innovative products that are available through Independent Beauty Consultants worldwide.

Just look at it! You will surely feel amazing!

Mary Kay products aren’t same like your usual product. Because you just have to put on makeup onto your face ONCE in a day. It's long lasting make-up product. No oily face and yet you'll still look great throughout the day! And the best thing is you will look great and fantastic! Just imagine when everybody will turn their head off when you walk by! So beautiful! NO DOUBT!

So, interested to try it? No?? Oh come on! You won't regret!

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