Wednesday, 7 November 2012

YOU by nur jannah alia

Hello ladies and gentleman! How’s your day? Good? Alhamdulillah. Me? Ughhhhh......To be honest, I’m not feeling so well this past few days.  Asyik demam je.. Maybe because of the weather. Kan musim hujan sekarang. Setitik dua titik air hujan kena kat anis santubong ni confirm la demam jadinya kan.

And you guys nak tau x? Apa perkara yang paling tak best gonna happen. Not tomorrow, not yesterday, but today! I have a presentation and my voice sekarang sangat-sangat lah husky. I mean....hello, can you guys imagine macam mana nak present kalau sepatah kita cakap pun people would be like "HAAAA..???????"...

Malangnyaaaaaa....... :(

Anyway, stop that sad moment sekejap. Let's turn over the music. Ha-Ha....

Actually anis santubong nak share a song with you people. This song was very nice, awesome, superb and fantastic! All i can say is that this song was GREAT! And I’m so damn in love with the singer of this song. NUR JANNAH ALIA.  Her voice was very soft and people who hear it will surely fall for it. 

I'm supporting you Janna. Hope that one day you can be popular as good as yuna. :)


This song was truly made for someone..

someone????? who's that someone? blushing***

Best kan? YES. I know.... <3 Okay, I'm off now. Got to go...Wish me luck for my presentation okay? I'll catch you guys back later. Salam-Love-