Saturday, 10 March 2012

not like the movies vs set fire to the rain

This song sung by Katy Perry means a lot to me. I just love the meaning of the song as for me it is almost like what has happen in real life. The lyric is unique though. Anyhow, one word to describe the song- awesome!

Lets share it together! :)

Set fire to the rain. Okay, just can't deny that I’d already fall in love with this song. It’s because of the lyrics!!! Even the melody is nice. You need to hear it then you know what I feel. :)

Thursday, 8 March 2012

you & i....friendship forever!

A friend is the one who comes in when the whole world has gone out.  ~Grace Pulpit

Okay. I'm sure that all of you guys should have your own best friend. But, who says a best friend should be the one who may have the same sex as you? Who says? Selalu people might think seorang gadis comel harus bersahabat dengan gadis jugak. But actually it wasn't like that. Persahabatan itu sangat indah. It will happen without us realizing it. Persahabatan can be anywhere, everywhere at anytime. That’s call the power of friendship.

Mujhse dosti karoge?

Orang kata a man can't be friend with a woman. It can’t be happen at all! Tapi itu kata orang. Anis santubong kata it may happen, of course! No heart feeling, no heart broken ke apa but still a best friendship could be build!

Kadang-kadang a guy can understand you better. Only you and he know what is exactly happen and what kind of relationship you’re both have. It’s a best friend!

So... this is my best friend.. orang sarawak!!!!!! hehehe....

Thanks for being my best friend and a brother of me.

A song that you gave me does show me how you value our friendship! It means a lot! Thanks syah! :) 

For you... :)

Thursday, 1 March 2012

Back to study!!!

Assalamualaikum readers yang cantik dan comel belaka!!! Hehe.. Well... After months we’re all in honeymoon at last it’s already come to an end. Macam tak percaya je kan? Time is really flies. Tapi lama sangat dah bercuti rasa macam engine tak panas lagi je nak naik study ni.. Huhu.. So have you guys prepared for the upcoming new semester? New spirit? Perhaps. Hehe... 

Girls, have you done shopping for your new outfit? Okay, even though anis santubong sekarang tak berapa sihat..dengan demam panas nya, suara pun dah kalah ella but still semangat hendak bergelar degree student tak luntur. Excited teramat sangat!!! 

Okay, since kelas pun dah bermula, sempat la anis santubong ni shopping sikit-sikit. Sikit je tau.. Nak tengok?


NOSE shoes= RM69.90


Okay, me done! Anda bila lagi? Sekarang bolehlah ke kelas dengan gembiranya! Meet new friends and new lecturers!!!!!! Happy study semua! :)