Monday, 31 December 2012

Beutskin Essence


Have you ever heard about the BEUTSKIN ESSENCE products? It is the product in which you can make your skin look young, soft and even fair. Lots of Malaysian artists are now using this product like Lisa Surihani, Adira AF8. And you can see how fair their skin looks like. I’m now one of the dealers of the product. For those who are interested to make a trial of it, you can buy it directly from me.  

Call me now for more detail.

 Kawan-kawan se sekolah and se campus, if nak order pun boleh call or sms je directly dekat numb maxis or digi anis santubong...so..quickkkkk!!!!!! :)

Let's try it!!!!!!!!!!

Friday, 14 December 2012

One more step to go..

It’s raining heavily out there. So cool............such a nice time for you to go for napping. zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz....

And guess what am I doing right now???? Basuh baju la and spin it all...and yet, lipat baju yang sudah kering itu..kemas bilik, basuh pinggan and all that.. Rajinkan? Aha..i know! He-he...sort of belajar untuk jadi wifey...hehe(muka merah di pipi)

While anis santubong lipat-lipat baju, then pasanglah lagu yang ada dekat lappy. And as usual, terus bukak folder 'my sayang' in which dalam tu ada semua lagu-lagu yang my b used to gave me..hee..

Guess lagu apa yang buat anis santubong terus tersenyum?

Senyum like this....say theeeeee'.... hehehe ;)

It’s because of this.......

The lyrics were so romantic!!!!!!! Thanks b for the song.. 

Rasa macam tak sabar pulak nak menunggu saat itu..hehe... One of my dream, when our days has come I want to play all the songs that you gave me. It is because all of the songs mean a lot to me. You know well right b? 

Well, the time will come. Just one more step to go. In Syaa Allah.. Wahh, sounds mcm nk getting married esok je kan.. Hehe.. Haippp! Study dulu and kerja dulu... Huhu. you guys, do pray for us okay?  Thanks sejuta kali! And to you my b, I promise that I will be your sayang forever, stay by yourside always! In Syaa Allah... :) Okay guys, have to go now... Time to study....wish me luck okay? Love you! Salam  :)

Wednesday, 5 December 2012


Hye dude. Wah...lamanya x mengupdate blog anis santubong ni. Well, i'm kinda busy currently. And guess what? My finals exam is just to come. It’s within 3 more weeks only. OMG!

 Well. Just be relaxed okay. It is not the end of the world. Breath in breath out. Fuhhhhhhhh........

 Looking at the title of my post today. Aha. What’s so special with the day? Hurm? Just wait. I will update the superb story of.............................. soon. Sabar eh readers-readersku.. Wait till my finals end. And I will share with you guys from A to Z.

Anyway, I just want to share with you guys a song. This song was dedicated by my "special classmate" (for those who knew,you would know. Say nothing and smile. Okay?). Thanks so much for the song. You even give this sweet song right on your birthday. It’s supposed to be me who should dedicate a song for you. Yes of course the happy birthday song la kannn. What else? He he.

Papepun this song sangat buat kan anis santubong tersenyum! Thanks sejuta kali.
Jom! Let's hear it. 

Wednesday, 7 November 2012

YOU by nur jannah alia

Hello ladies and gentleman! How’s your day? Good? Alhamdulillah. Me? Ughhhhh......To be honest, I’m not feeling so well this past few days.  Asyik demam je.. Maybe because of the weather. Kan musim hujan sekarang. Setitik dua titik air hujan kena kat anis santubong ni confirm la demam jadinya kan.

And you guys nak tau x? Apa perkara yang paling tak best gonna happen. Not tomorrow, not yesterday, but today! I have a presentation and my voice sekarang sangat-sangat lah husky. I mean....hello, can you guys imagine macam mana nak present kalau sepatah kita cakap pun people would be like "HAAAA..???????"...

Malangnyaaaaaa....... :(

Anyway, stop that sad moment sekejap. Let's turn over the music. Ha-Ha....

Actually anis santubong nak share a song with you people. This song was very nice, awesome, superb and fantastic! All i can say is that this song was GREAT! And I’m so damn in love with the singer of this song. NUR JANNAH ALIA.  Her voice was very soft and people who hear it will surely fall for it. 

I'm supporting you Janna. Hope that one day you can be popular as good as yuna. :)


This song was truly made for someone..

someone????? who's that someone? blushing***

Best kan? YES. I know.... <3 Okay, I'm off now. Got to go...Wish me luck for my presentation okay? I'll catch you guys back later. Salam-Love-

Thursday, 4 October 2012

bakar lemak!!!!!!!!!!

Hey you, fatter boom boom! Budak gemuk budak gemuk budak gemuk....booooooooooo!

Am I too fat? Oh, why can’t I be beautiful like others? I want to have such a great shape of body. 6 packs! Ughh! This is not fair! Totally not fair for me! :'(
It’s tiring when people always like to mock you, laugh at you just because you are fat. What so wrong with that? FINE! 

That’s my entry for today. It has been long time I have never update my blog since I was so busy with my campus life. But until I met one friend who was very upset of being bullied when people starts calling her “elephant” I was then realized that I have to do something. People used to say if there’s a will, there’s a way. So, I have a solution!

Have you ever heard about this Fat Burner Advances?Or in short, API! AS you all can see, it was made from USA. Fully support by herbal weight loss. Percaya atau tidak, with only RM110 you'll be able to loss your weight up to 6-8 kg in 14 days!!!!!!!! Hard to believe isn't it? But hey! You wouldn't know until you try. Try it first and comment later. The satisfaction of yours is guaranteed. 100% okay! No doubt. 



For more information, you can go to the other website http://www.bakar-lemak.com/ or http://www.facebook.com/bakarlemak.

If you want to deal with us directly, just call us at number 017-7776580.

 So, let’s surprise people with our new shape of body. Have tough and great body or never. The choice is yours! :)


Wednesday, 15 August 2012

iklan raya menyentuh hati

Boooooooommmmmm!! OPOCOTTTT MAK EKAUUU! Haha... Okay, itu lah lagak pak cik dan mak cik bila mendengar bunyi mercun dum dam sana sini.. Anyway, bunyi mercun dah semakin sampai ke kemuncaknya.

Sedar tak sedar lg 3 hari kita raya babeeee!!!! So, how was your preparation? Baju raya? Kuih raya? Duit raya?? Okay, i'm sure that you guys for sure dah be well-prepared for your raya kan..So am i. Tak lupa my favourite kuih raya....kuih tat!!! Nyum nyum... Hehe.... :)

Be ready u olsssss! 

And kepada adik-adik, work hard sikit lah tahun ni..kasik ketuk semua rumah. Asalkan dapat duit raya kan..Hehehe :P

Well, as usual, during one month fasting TV mulalah shows macam-macam iklan berkaitan dengan raya. Sedikit sebanyak iklan-iklan ini nak memberi kesedaran kepada kita how important raya is.. Dan kalau bercakap tentang iklan yang menyentuh hati, tersentuhkah? Yes, it does!

But, one advertisement which I think most of us know is of course about a murai bird. Ingat lagi tak korang? Si anak bertanya kepada bapanya berulang-ulang kali "burung apa?"..dan tanpa rasa penat atau marah, si ayah bersabar melayan pertanyaan anaknya lalu menjawab "burung murai.."..

Okayla.. tapi anis santubong nak berkongsi lagi satu iklan dengan korang semua. Sure tangkap leleh la air mata tu.. Nak tahu kenapa anis santubong cakap macam tu? Sebab, anis santubong sendiri pun menangis teresak-esak while watching this. So, you guys have to watch this. Mari kita tengok siapa yang kenaaaa!!!

Okay2..stop tearing...I just want to share some of the advertisement which I think can be the most valued advertisement for all of us. Appreciate your parents while you can. Selamat hari raya semua! Maaf zahir dan batin ye..0-0 tau! Hehe.. 

See you guys,soon! :)

Wednesday, 18 July 2012

kerana santan pandan...

 Rasanya it has been for quite long time since the last time I updated my blog right? The truth is I am now is in fully hols! 2 bulan pulak tu! Okay, don't envy me..nanti u ols semua pun can get the chance to get your own hols. Set a date and go out for a vacation.

Okay, sekarang anis santubong nak berkongsi cerita dengan rakan-rakan semua about one true story...the story of mine.. ceh, suspen je lebih kan? Haha. New entry for today is love. Siapa pernah bercinta? Angkat kaki, tangan dan segala yang ada... :P 

Adat la orang bercinta kan, bila dah sayang of course la kita nak buat sesuatu yang istimewa, special untuk si dia kan.. So, alkisahnya.. I’ve been thinking of cooking something special for him. Him? Siapa him tu??? Okay...this is 'him'

At that time, anis santubong pegi la ke KB mall dengan si dia n beli semua barang-barang basah untuk memasak. Happy sangat perasaan masetu sebab first experience untuk kita memasak for someone special kan..

Kita nak masak apa ye? Guess what? It's Curry Chicken!! Since si dia ni orang utara jadi memanglah dia suka sgt nak makan kari..

Dan harinya pun sampai... That particular morning, seawal pagi anis santubong dah bangun.. All the housemates were all in the sleep mood. Tapi takpe, untuk yang tersayang kita berkorban sikit je..Sweet kan? Okay saya tau..itu lah adat resam orang bercinta.

Sekarang kt dah siap blend all the unions dan segala lengkuas and all that, time to start cooking. Boleh imagined tak masakan yang mulanya nak jd tu dengan haruman yang superb suddenly hancur just because of the santan. Bau santan tu lain sangat dan selepas bau masakan rasa pelik, anis santubong pun rasa la.. "Alamak!!!! kenapa niii??"

Anis santubong pun tengok la pack santan tu dan..... "santan perisa pandan"!!!! kenapa boleh tak perasan??!!!! Kari barcampur santan. Bayangkanlah rasa dia......Tidaaaaaaaaaaaaakkk!

Tengok jam. Okay, less than 1 hour my date with my boyfie. Terus sarung apa yang patut and berkejar anis santubong ke KB mall lg..15 minutes from the place I live okay! Peluh satu badan pun x hirau dah...sampai je market, terus grab santan yang betul and at that time my handphone was rang all the time.. It's him!! Dia dah bangun. Memang la cemas sangat masetu. Dengan masakan x jadi dan si dia nak datang dah.

Sesampai di rumah, terus la try back to alter the dish. Berlari-lari ke bilik housemate suruh diorang rasa okay  tak.. Sorry kim, mira..susahkan korang je! Sayang korangg sangat sebab sudi menjadi pengkritik masakan farah! hee..

And the time my boyfie dah sampai, masakan pun siap. Tapi anis santubong tetap sedih sebab the curry tak pedas, tak superb seperti di awalnya. Rasa malu sangat nak hidangkan untuk bagi dia makan. Tapi anis santubong still bungkuskan jugak makanan tu. But, untuk hidangan diri sendiri la. 

But the sweet thing is,  bila my boyfie tau yang bekal anis santubong bawak tu adalah ayam masak kari yang anis santubong masak, die terus nak makan jugak. 

Masetu, rasa sebak sangat tengok dia. Sanggup jugak makan walaupun masakan itu tak seberapa. Tanpa sedar air mata bertakung dekat mata..terlalu sedih sebab dalam susah payah kita nak buat something special untuk dia tapi at last special tu tak jadi. Hancur  macamtu just because of the santan... kerana terlalu sedih dengan plan yang tak menjadi akhirnya my eyes burst into tears! Aaaahh...menangis jugakkkkk dpn dia..malunya!!

My boyfie was so cool at that time. Dia tunjukkan pinggan dia yang dah abes begitu juga dengan curry ayam tu. He said " sedapla..kt makan okay je..tengok, abes dah kt makan semua"..

Itu la pengalaman pertama anis santubong rasakan sangattttt touching moment. Eventhough masakan tak menjadi but one thing that i realized is it is not the taste that need to be count but the effort that you put in doing something. ilysms! And...one thing that I promise..anis tidak akan berhenti untuk cuba memasak masakan yang terbaik untuk awak..just wait and see..... hehe... 

Thanks for the song sayang! :)

Tuesday, 10 April 2012

Khas buat teman-temanku!

Khas untuk teman-temanku...

Including Y.O.U !! 

“Ya Allah, tika Kau hadiahkanku sahabat, Kau jadikanlah hatiku bersyukur atas kurniaanMu. Kau jadikanlah hatinya berlapang dada menerimaku..
Ya Allah, tika Kau hadiahkanku sahabat, Kau jadikanlah sahabatku ini sebagai teman seperjuanganku, peniup semangat juangku. yang saling membantu memikul amanah dakwah agamaMu..
Ya Allah, tika Kau hadiahkan aku sahabat, Kau jadikanlah hubungan ini disemai atas keredhaanMu. Teguhnya atas cinta padaMu. Dilindungi dari segala maksiat & hal-hal yang melalaikan dari mengingatiMu.
Ya Allah bahagiakanlah hatiku dan hati seluruh sahabatku dengan cinta kepadaMu. :)

aku tak percaya cinta

Love. It’s like a magic word which can truly make you feel like to fly. Betul x? Angguk, geleng atau angguk angguk , geleng geleng macam lagu Ahli Fiqir tu? hehehe :P

But love is not as nice as what you think. It may be hurt you sometimes, no! Partial time, no! Perhaps, every time!

So, I just want to share my opinion about love. Apa Anis Santubong rasa tentang cinta ye?

Okay, let me think.


Too harsh isn't it? Hehe..

But the opinion might change, soon or later. Tunggu lah sehingga ada anak raja datang dengan menunggang kuda lalu melamar anis santubong ni. Ceh! Imaginasi kalah novel. Hehe. But who knows? HAHA :P 

 At this moment I may not believe love can make you happy. 50-50!!!!  Trust-no one! Study dulu kata orang tua-tua.. ;D


At the other side of me, I do believe that one true love does exist. A person who will look after you, cheer you up every single day, fill your day with love words. He or she was made for you! Just we don’t know when, who and how it happens. Jadinya, tak perlu nak mencari cinta okay? Make yourself happy! Hehe...

Okay, no more love story. Now is time to study! Hey, study is much more important right? Ini ayat-ayat budak skema dan sedikit nerd. Upsss!

Till we meet AGAIN. Byeeeee!

p/s: No idea on what to write... blurred! =P

Saturday, 10 March 2012

not like the movies vs set fire to the rain

This song sung by Katy Perry means a lot to me. I just love the meaning of the song as for me it is almost like what has happen in real life. The lyric is unique though. Anyhow, one word to describe the song- awesome!

Lets share it together! :)

Set fire to the rain. Okay, just can't deny that I’d already fall in love with this song. It’s because of the lyrics!!! Even the melody is nice. You need to hear it then you know what I feel. :)

Thursday, 8 March 2012

you & i....friendship forever!

A friend is the one who comes in when the whole world has gone out.  ~Grace Pulpit

Okay. I'm sure that all of you guys should have your own best friend. But, who says a best friend should be the one who may have the same sex as you? Who says? Selalu people might think seorang gadis comel harus bersahabat dengan gadis jugak. But actually it wasn't like that. Persahabatan itu sangat indah. It will happen without us realizing it. Persahabatan can be anywhere, everywhere at anytime. That’s call the power of friendship.

Mujhse dosti karoge?

Orang kata a man can't be friend with a woman. It can’t be happen at all! Tapi itu kata orang. Anis santubong kata it may happen, of course! No heart feeling, no heart broken ke apa but still a best friendship could be build!

Kadang-kadang a guy can understand you better. Only you and he know what is exactly happen and what kind of relationship you’re both have. It’s a best friend!

So... this is my best friend.. orang sarawak!!!!!! hehehe....

Thanks for being my best friend and a brother of me.

A song that you gave me does show me how you value our friendship! It means a lot! Thanks syah! :) 

For you... :)

Thursday, 1 March 2012

Back to study!!!

Assalamualaikum readers yang cantik dan comel belaka!!! Hehe.. Well... After months we’re all in honeymoon at last it’s already come to an end. Macam tak percaya je kan? Time is really flies. Tapi lama sangat dah bercuti rasa macam engine tak panas lagi je nak naik study ni.. Huhu.. So have you guys prepared for the upcoming new semester? New spirit? Perhaps. Hehe... 

Girls, have you done shopping for your new outfit? Okay, even though anis santubong sekarang tak berapa sihat..dengan demam panas nya, suara pun dah kalah ella but still semangat hendak bergelar degree student tak luntur. Excited teramat sangat!!! 

Okay, since kelas pun dah bermula, sempat la anis santubong ni shopping sikit-sikit. Sikit je tau.. Nak tengok?


NOSE shoes= RM69.90


Okay, me done! Anda bila lagi? Sekarang bolehlah ke kelas dengan gembiranya! Meet new friends and new lecturers!!!!!! Happy study semua! :)

Tuesday, 24 January 2012

I AM HAPPY!!!!!!!!!

Alhamdulillah..Syukur ke hadrat Illahi..Segalanya berakhir dengan baik..

Pertama sekali saya nak ucapkan terima kasih pada kawan-kawan semua yang selalu memberi sokongan dan nasihat kepada budak kecik ni..hehe.. I'm not an expertise..Hmm..manusia jugak kadang-kadang boleh confuse kan? Syukur sangat di hati ini cause after months I've been through the hard time finally everything has come to an end... How the story ends, what was happened, rasanya just keep it as a secret kot! hehe..

But kehidupan ini aneh.. I taught that I really love him until frust menonggeng.. but yet, after knowing the truth, peliknya saya rasa tenang sangat-sangat. And no more tears...Kenapa ye? :)))) saya sikitpun tak menangis dah.. I can say that, after we hang the phone call, I smile and only Allah knows how did I feel..how happy I am... Saya ingat saya cintakan dia but actually I'm not.. Pelikkan??

Mungkin berbulan I feel unhappy because of the confusion in my mind itself, thought that "I need you"..but actually I don't really need you..

Terikat pada janji lalu mungkin..

Eee!!! I have no idea on what else to say but one thing, for sure is that I AM SOOOO HAPPY!


Mama, without you I can't survive well till now.. Dan InsyaAllah saya akan kekalkan keperibadian saya.. Tak perlu saya nak menjadi orang lain, speaking at all time even though I can speak well (try me!)..Biarlah saya kekal menjadi saya.. sebab saya tahu hati saya..

Last but not least, I love you all my dear friends!

InsyaAllah selepas ini matahari akan hadir buat saya... Alhamdulillah alhamdulillah...  :)

Sunday, 22 January 2012

Kau laksana bulan..

"Kau laksana bulan...
yang menyinari hidupku..dan akulah punggukmu yang sanggup menanti sang bulan tersenyum di langit"

Sekarang ini dalam kesibukan kerja sempat juga menghabiskan masa dengan melayan siri drama romantis kau laksana bulan.. I'm sure mungkin ada jugak antara kalian anda di sana turut sama asyik melayan drama tv2 ni kan.. Haa, kisahnya I don't realize tentang kau laksana bulan ini pun.. A friend of mine la yang dok suggest me untuk tengok cerita ni..best katanya.. So, dengan keterujaan yang tinggi terus on laptop dan layan....

Tapi whats attract me untuk terus melekat dengan drama kau laksana bulan ni everytime tengok pun memang buat saya tersenyum. Kadang-kadang rasa watak dalam cerita macam kehidupan sendiri je.. Walaupun tidaklah 100% tapi boleh dikatakan 99% la.. Setiap babak jugak pernah sy alami.. Dasyatkan? Macam kebetulan aje.. huhu.. So, you watch this, you know me..

Haa..jangan tatau okay! Bukan drama je, novel dia jugak saya baca.. Tengok sajalah kehebatan cerita ini...

Di mana-mana pun tetap novel di tangan.. Hebat sangat ke cerita ni?? nak tau kenalah baca.. SO, HAPPY READING!!! :)

Lara Lagi...

sy nk peluk awk kejap bole?
sy sedih sgt la awk.."

Once a woman starts tearing, it shows how sad her feeling was. And my tears drop...only Allah knows how sad I am. Time2 macamni la dlm sok sek air mata dengan hingusan mengalir terus pasang lagu sentimental maka bertambah lebat lah air mata membasahi bumikan..

Rasanya tiada kata ingin diluahkan..cuma lagu ini menggambarkan perasaan ini..

Lirik dia sangat bermakna..satu perkataan yang saya suka "Pasti di suatu hari nanti ku jejak bahagia.."... Jadi..gadis yang sedang berduka lara di luar sana, usah menangis ye sayang..InsyaAllah kebahagiaan menjadi milikmu jua..amin. :)

Lirik Lagu Lara Lagi - Adira

Hanya sampai di sini sahaja
Kisah cinta kita berdua
Tiada daya selamanya
Terhenti di sini

Biar ku pujuk ati ini
Merawat rinduku sendiri
Setelah aku kau lukai
Sedangkan kau tahu

Kasih aku hanyalah untukmu
Tiada lain dalam diriku
Takkan berubah
walau dipisah laut biru

Cinta aku hanyalah untukmu
Tak pernah goyah
Tak pernah jemu
Takkan terpadam dalam hatiku
Ia milikmu.. percayalah

Mungkin sudah suratan kita
Terpisah sebegini saja
Pasti di suatu hari nanti
Ku jejak bahagia..

Read more: http://www.liriklagumuzika.com/2011/12/lirik-lagu-lara-lagi-adira-lagu-tema.html#ixzz1kBnFQhHr

Friday, 20 January 2012


Wanita besi? Catwoman atau kind of cat lady ke apa? Nak kata kuku panjang macam kucing. Nope! Nak kata I'm wearing full black suit ala-ala spider-lady tidak juga. So wass up! Hebat sangat ke sampai nak nyatakan kuat-kuat pada satu dunia "aku wanita besi!!!!".. Tak kisah la. Janji hati gembira so no problem. Hehe :P

Nak tahu kenapa? Alkisahnya begini... Haa...since in my family, there's no guy among my siblings, segala bagainya puteri-puteri so I'm the one yang agak agresiflah. Bertindak sebagai a man. Cewah! But jangan salah faham okay! I am still a woman wearing baju kurung, skirt, skarf and tahu kesopanan ala-ala malu kucing gitu..hahaha..

Tapi, dalam kelembutan yang terlahir daripada luaran ni jangan tak percaya okay. Tangan kecik ni jugakla yang selalu mengangkat barang ber kg2 beratnya.. 1kg?NO! 5 kg? NO! more than 10 KG OKKKKK!!! My mama always say "Anis ni badan je kecik tapi urat dawai tulang besi!".. Haha..

Agaknya time pregnant my mum used to think that baby nya ini should be bin instead of binti kot!

Bukan saja tugas mengangkat barang berat, tapi segala tukangan pun dilakukan tubuh kerdil ini. Percaya tak? Hehe. Paling cute, my mama called me saying that satu rumah tiada electric. So, sepantas kilat sebaik balik saja dari office terus pergi dekat suis utama. Check punya check...taraaaa!! Lampu on balik! Frankly speaking, I'm proud of myself. HAHA!!

So,  itu lah kisah aku wanita besi.. besi ke?? Ye kot! Upsss! Perasan sudah...

Tuesday, 17 January 2012

Not the right soul mate!

I love u.. Saya sayang awak.. Wo ai ni.. Aishiteru..

Semua kalimah cinta ini pasti pernah terungkap di bibir meraka-meraka yang pernah atau sedang jatuh cinta.. But instead of saying that, boleh percaya ke????

Some says, mudah untuk manusia berkata-kata tetapi untuk melaksanakannya teramat payah..

Mereka kata sayang tetapi saat anda berduka, saat anda dalam kesedihan, adakah mereka di sisi anda? Menghulurkan sapu tangan and wipe your tears.. Menuturkan kata-kata pujukan?

In order to choose the right person for your whole entire life, pilihlah mereka yang sentiasa bersama anda tidak kira waktu anda senang atau susah. Seseorang yang sentiasa bersabar melayani karenah anda. And the most important thing he or she never stop giving you chances to change bila anda berbuat salah. Dia pasti akan menunggu dan berdoa agar anda be a better person. Orang yang menyayangi anda tidak akan mengambil kesempatan terhadap anda dan akan sentiasa bersama anda even anda buat salah sekalipun. DIA AKAN BERSABAR DEMI ANDA.

That's what we call as a ONE TRUE LOVE.

Those who easy to forget you aren't love you. So, stop waiting!

Lagu yang sangat menyentuh hati. But I just love this song! :)

Sunday, 1 January 2012

Pashmina VS Satin!!!

Hello! Hye ladies!!! It has been long time ago kan since the last blog that I've wrote. Well, since its holiday now and yah, I’m a working woman now! Tak percaya je! Hohoho! Ke busy' ness itu membuatkan I just don't have time to update my blog... urgh!!! Saya rindu sama kamu blog blog BLOGGGGG!!!! Hehe. Malam-malam macam ni terlebih excited pulak kan..upss! haha..

Well.. since sekarang ni I'm sure you all semua pun perasan "bawal lady" makin tidak hangat di pasaran sebab pashmina dan sekarang satin shawl dah mendapat tempat di hati gadis-gadis kan, eh peduli apa, I love bawal ok!!! siapa setuju angkat kaki! haha..

My mama keep asking me "pakailah satin, style terkini tu..".. ok, my mother is quite trendy dan sentiasa mahu anaknya ini kelihatan cantik ok, not selekeh, not berkaki ayam and all. Be presentable! Hahaha... Bad news nya, saya LANGSUNG tak tahu how to wear that kind of shawl style...zero idea!! Nak tunggu masuk U baru nak tanya kawan-kawan rasanya lambat sangat kan.. sooo.... I need to learn it by myself! 

Pada yang seangkatan dengan saya, who doesn't know how to wear hijab new style marilah kita belajar bersama-sama.. Kita be beautiful together-gether!!! Best of luck!!! :)

Here are the videos which I think inspired me a lot. 

Hana Tajima style! :)

Simple. First trial should be okay!
New style.

DONE! Hope this simple entry could help you guys to wear Hijab nicely! Bye. :)