Friday, 14 December 2012

One more step to go..

It’s raining heavily out there. So cool............such a nice time for you to go for napping. zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz....

And guess what am I doing right now???? Basuh baju la and spin it all...and yet, lipat baju yang sudah kering itu..kemas bilik, basuh pinggan and all that.. Rajinkan? Aha..i know! He-he...sort of belajar untuk jadi wifey...hehe(muka merah di pipi)

While anis santubong lipat-lipat baju, then pasanglah lagu yang ada dekat lappy. And as usual, terus bukak folder 'my sayang' in which dalam tu ada semua lagu-lagu yang my b used to gave me..hee..

Guess lagu apa yang buat anis santubong terus tersenyum?

Senyum like this....say theeeeee'.... hehehe ;)

It’s because of this.......

The lyrics were so romantic!!!!!!! Thanks b for the song.. 

Rasa macam tak sabar pulak nak menunggu saat itu..hehe... One of my dream, when our days has come I want to play all the songs that you gave me. It is because all of the songs mean a lot to me. You know well right b? 

Well, the time will come. Just one more step to go. In Syaa Allah.. Wahh, sounds mcm nk getting married esok je kan.. Hehe.. Haippp! Study dulu and kerja dulu... Huhu. you guys, do pray for us okay?  Thanks sejuta kali! And to you my b, I promise that I will be your sayang forever, stay by yourside always! In Syaa Allah... :) Okay guys, have to go now... Time to study....wish me luck okay? Love you! Salam  :)

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